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Jack initially thought that the sea had finally gotten its waves back, but no. The mast was just falling over. The mast was just falling over. "Our mast's a-fallin' down!" Their arrows had promptly missed due to a sudden and unpredictable wave, and the Eel seemed to be regenerating, healing itself. Bloom was quick to put two and two together.

"Magic!" The shields and pikes continued pouring onto the deck, although it wasn't long before the Seahorse ran out of such weapons and everyone was armed with a more typical arsenal. The pikes were professional, stolen from a navy ship that had wandered from its fleet. The shields were less so -- bits of barrels repurposed for defence. Sturdy enough, but they were designed to shield a person from arrows, not swords. They wouldn't last long.

"Archers, keep up the fire! Shields to amidships, pikes and everyone else behind 'em on the port side! Anyone with a bow, Jack, shoot 'em down!" Jack was already getting to work reloading his bow. Knowing the cannons were no longer in use on the other ship, the shieldbearers held their ground, a single strip of them running down the ship's centre. The pikes were thrust out between them, a military move that worked best on horses although anything that ran would be caught up in it. Pirates were most definitely the charging type.

It was about now that anyone who was paying attention would notice something behind the stern of the Seahorse. Bloom's plan, as it turned out, involved sending out one of their cockboats as an undercover boarding party. They stuck close to the rear of the Seahorse, making their way to the stern of the Eel, and attempting to board at its poop deck. Two rowers, two shields and two archers, all in position to prevent them from getting shot down by anyone who noticed them. Arrows were notched but not drawn -- they weren't to attack until they were either noticed or on the enemy deck.

Jack and the archers fired a second wave, the archers shooting almost blind over the shields. Jack, as he'd been directed, fired at the Eel's archers. Bloom looked around for Barrett, preferring the grenades to be out in the air sooner rather than later, especially because of what was in them, but he was probably still packing below deck. He'd come eventually. For now, all the Seahorse could do was stick to what was on deck, and that was exactly what they were planning on doing

"Steadfast, boys, steadfast!"
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