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Chuckwaj fired his chain shot barrage as they came alongside. The two blasts sent the missiles free, plowing across the deck like running bulls. It was only unfortunate that the men that had once been on deck had made a mad dash to the belly of their doomed beast. Their mast took the hit instead of bodies, the unimpeded force of the shot slammed into it and bit deep, causing the entire thing to creak and groan as it began to lean, tipping. The rigging and the other sail kept it standing somewhat, though it was a tenuous thing at best.

The other ship fired off its own cannons. Too close to maneuver away now, the Iron Eel could only take the hits. The bundle shot snapped out, slapping against the lower hull. The iron bars rattled against the ship, one flying into one of the Eel's cannon compartments. The large barreled weapon groaned as one of its supporting chains snapped from the force that turned the barrel. A man that had been standing near it screamed in agony as the shot wrapped around his leg and snapped muscle and bone alike. Damnit! Close the portsss! Close the portsss! The six other, uninjured men in the gun deck moved to comply with their Master Gunner's commands. With the prospect of close quartered fighting, the cannons were dubbed useless if they wanted to keep whatever they could from the hull of the other ship.

Of the other two shots fired from the Seahorse, they solidly hit the flank of the Iron Eel, ripping at the hull viciously. It didn't pierce the hull, thankfully, but Harogi was not far, strengthening the solid wood, stimulating its living material to growth. Yarba saw their archers come up even as she held hers back for a moment longer. VOHX!

The diminutive, violet robed faerie lifted her pale gold arms where she sat on Bulwark's solid shoulder. She didn't need to hear her name twice, nor had she wished to be ordered once. Her face wore no true expression, neither fear nor glee touched her lips. However, the water obeyed. A heavy wave rocked the Seahorse suddenly and without warning. The shots that were hurled were as effective as their curses, clattering either into the ocean, against the hull, or skittering across the deck. A few got lucky and winged some in a non-fatal degree. Rolf decided to play Captain about this time now that the other crew had been mildly unsettled by the surprise wave. Shiver their timbers, me hearties! With a maniacal laugh, Darkenby unsheathed his weapon and pointed it towards the Seahorse.

Close enough to see the whites of their enemies' eyes, ropes and grappling lines were flung across. Let's go! With a bark of a laugh, Yarba flung her harpoon as if she would stab a whale with it and embedded it into their deck. Roul Fang whom had descended from the Nest, Yarba herself, and Spindly Jan were the unspecified leaders of three boarding parties of a dozen tough, fighting men each. Harogi and Vohx stayed upon the Eel in order to prevent fires and other shipwide damage. Cap'n Darkenby stayed as well to keep their defense strong along with the gunners who came up from the gundeck to join in the melee. Mirehyu remained on the foredeck, her albatross flying in circles above the Iron Eel though Fiend looked almost as if he would enjoy fighting on top of the other ship.
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