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Most people on-board the Seahorse heard Yarba call to fire their cannons. Jack was not one of them. There was quick, flurrying movement on the deck as people scrambled to get out of the way. Don't do nothin' stupid, Jacky-boy. Jack yawned, and then almost fell from his position as the cannonade rang out across the empty ocean. "Dear blimey Lord Centarix's right middle finger!" He fumbled for his crossbow and began pulling the lever back to put the string into place when the shots hit and he lost his grip. The lever snapped back into place and Jack screamed. "We're under fire! The flag's done nothing, they're colour-blind!"

The deck of the Seahorse quickly became a hub of activity as Bloom began barking orders and they were relayed around the ship like cogs coming together in a grandfather clock. "Check for wounded in the guts. Get the cannons a-firin' right at 'em as soon as ya see 'em! Which side are they movin' up from, Miles?"

"Starboard, sir!"

"Port side, Tiny! The plan, move it!" Tiny nodded and headed down into the depths of the ship. Miles, still keeping an eye on the Eel with his spyglass as it came alongside them, ran to the Captain's side to tell him what was happening.

"They got archers, so we should let them board us rather than the other way round. We make an aggressive move and we get shot to pieces."

"There's no bloomin' boxes on deck for us to 'ide behind, Miles? If we live through this, you'll be seein' the razor tonight! Jack! You know what to do!"

"Ooooooh!" Jack giggled like a schoolboy, and the sound of his crossbow lever slamming down could be heard from the deck. "Fun fun fun fun fun!" Slip a bolt in. Don't poke your head out!

"Everyone else, hide behind somethin' safe! Don't die! We got another round of shot incoming, and judging by the size of this 'ere hole in the railing, they'll be aimin' for us and not the ship!" The more bloodthirsty, courageous or foolhardy among the crew simply put themselves behind the ship's masts, whereas the smarter of them went down into the gun deck. Where do you want to be when getting shot at by cannons? Behind another cannon. The insides of the Seahorse soon became a shifting mass of people readying their weapons staying safely behind all the dense metal tubing they could. "Tiny! Where the bloody hell..."

"Here, sir!"



"Make sure everyone downstairs' got a pike, and everyone else has a shield! They only get one chance to fire that bundle, and then we need 'em all up on deck to defend! We got archers and barely no cover! And make sure Barrett's got his grenades when he comes up, we gotta get on their deck like a phoenix, boyo!" Bloom strode over to the mainmast and pulled a sword out of a metal loop on his belt: a short sword with a knuckleguard, or as Bloom preferred, a cutlass without the extravagance. He hacked at the rope holding up their flag of surrender, which soon collapsed to the deck like vines from a treetop.

Sira'ke had notably left the helm unattended, although once they were boarded they may as well be under the control of the Eel anyway. The draconians, hiskrs and humans who had bothered to stay on deck had all organised themselves into small groups respective to their race, and they all hid behind whatever they could find. The mast, stairs to the poop deck, whatever. Bloom was noticeably alone, although still smart enough to stay behind something. Many of the hiskrs were running their claws against their mismatched blades, many of the humans notched arrows, while the draconians did both. Everyone knew the plan. Although they were on the defensive, it would still play out the same way.

"A seahorse does not tend to its young. Neither will this ship tend to her crew! We fight for her, but not with her!" Hisses, roars and cheers came from the crew. And right on cue, the three starboard cannons were pushed through the side of the ship and fired bundle shot upon the opposing ship's deck.

"Marmalade!" Moments after the bundle hit, the Eel was assaulted with a barrage of arrows, bolts, insults and screams. Jack fired his crossbow and immediately got to work on reloading. The cannons were abandoned and people soon began pouring out of the hull. Shield, pike, shield, pike. Not too close together but not too far apart. Jack couldn't stop himself from cackling. This is glorious!
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