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The Eel was being brought about. The portside cannons were aimed rapidly by Chuckwaj's talented hands along with several others under his command. Even as this was all happening, Jan was watching, the telescope held at attention in her claw-like hands. We've got a flag! We've got a bloody flag! Her shout called the Captain's attention immediately.

A flag? We should set up a parl--

FIRE!!! Yarba's bellow to the gunners below was more audible than anything else that they could hear, the orc woman standing right by their stair. The short fuses on the two portside cannons were lit masterfully. The double bark was easy enough to hear regardless of how far away the enemy was. Chuckwaj watched as the heavy iron projectiles left their point of origin and flew on their way like the harbingers of death that they were, a smile cutting across his draconian features.

The Captain jerked, astonished, moving surprisingly quickly towards Yarba's side, grabbing the front of her shirt and jerking her nearer to him. What the bloody hell did'ja do?! I said, parley, woman! Parley! They's run up the white! Rolf's face was contorted with fury and indecision.

Yarba let him grab her, feel the solid weight and muscle that was her as he pulled on her clothing. Her teeth were bared in a malicious grin, her amber colored eyes predatory. Oops. Sorry, Cap. I might have misunderstood. Her words were sarcastic coming out as she didn't bother covering up the apology as false. We don't really have a choice now. We should finish what we start.

The first cannon ball glanced off of the gunboat's starboard side, skipping along the railing before skimming off into the watery depths. The second struck firmly in the rear, crunching into its aft and blasting into the interior of the ship like a force of nature, destructive and unrepentant. It might have struck those below deck, leaving defenders on top free and clear for the time being. The draconian Master Gunner gave the order. Reload!

Reload?! Reload?! Why should we be doin' that?! Rolf's shoulder length brown hair jerked along with his face as he stared, unbelieving, at the door to the lower decks.

Harogi laughed low and loud in his throat, causing his large belly to shake with dark mirth. The lass is right, Cap'n. We've got no choice but to board 'em now. His worn hands stroked his plaited beard. Asides, I wanted a sink it an' she told me I could. He aimed a thick thumb Yarba's way.

The orc's smile closed a little, her teeth disappearing behind thick lips other than her solitary tooth. Her golden eyes took on a sultry look and she breathed deeply to inflate her chest, making her breasts move like gentle floats on the surface of the water. We have to finish what we start. There's no help for it.

Rolf's bloodshot, bleary eyes were sucked in by the movement of the woman's ample proportions. He swallowed heavily. Uh... Prepare to board. His voice was little, but Yarba took that in stride.

PREPARE TO BOARD! Load the chain-shot, Chook! We're going to sweep the deck. Bulwark, bring us up on their side! Harogi, watch for cannons if they have any! Vohx, sweep us in! Monkey?! She looked up to the Crow's Nest where Roul and Monkey awaited her pleasure.

The half elf smiled and waved an arm at her. Not another boat anywhere! His shout carried easily. The other ship was alone on open water. The other pirates of the crew waited patiently on the portside deck, knowing that they would be coming alongside the wounded starboard side of their prey. Archers and crossbowmen awaited their signal.

Perhaps the Captain should go back to the helm where his men can see him, aye? Her meek voice shook Rolf from his minor stupor.

Aye... He came free from his temporary fog and looked around more confidently at his crew. Prepare to board! It was as if there had never been a question about whether or not to board the surrendering ship. He strode up towards the helm and waited calmly with a hand on the hilt of his scimitar. All hell would break out shortly.
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