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Destroyer of (his own) worlds
Funny thing, Bloom's crew. Mostly human, hiskr and draconian. People whom Bloom trusted, and scaleys and catties who had enough fight in them and were easy to replace. Most on deck at the moment were decidedly human. By some strange coincidence, they were often the most presentable. Tiny stood at the stairs that led to the gun deck, while also getting ready to run for cover if anything happened. The First Mate was finally on deck, looking at the Iron Eel through his spyglass. He didn't like what he was seeing.

"They got a bit o' go, Cap'n! I don't like this!"

"Miles, what's happening?" Miles handed Bloom his spyglass, quickly proceeding to fold his arms and look worried. The First Mate was a strange bloke. Tore the sleeves off his own silky shirt. Bloom handed the spyglass back and took a deep breath to clear his mind. Jack watched from the crow's nest, desperate to do something. "Alright. Tiny!"

"Aye, sir?"

"Tell Barrett 'n' the others not to bother waiting. Soon as we have a clear shot, let loose. But still, 'ide the guns! Chain shot first, then bundle on the crew!" The message was passed on. "Helmsman! You know what to do, aye?"


"They're catchin' up, Bloom-y! How're they goin' so speedy-like?" Everyone, as usual, began ignoring Jack, who quickly slipped his hat back on again. This, of course, was unnoticed by all beneath him. It was the albatross. Jack bet it was the damn bird. Probably pooped on the deck when we weren't looking. As the attacking ship neared, Sira'ke tried to get their starboard side, as opposed to their stern, facing the other ship, although the Seahorse seemed unwilling to move. The sea itself beneath them had turned on them. The wind was not enough to get them to move.

"She ain't budging, Cap'n!" The draconian pulled on the wheel, although the lack of momentum combined with the uncooperative waves meant they were going nowhere. If they hadn't been in the middle of the ocean, Bloom would have considered lowering the anchor to getting them to turn, but all it would do was dangle uselessly a few thousand feet above the floor. Cap'n Bloom was not in a good mood.

Miles cleared his throat. "Perhaps if we lend them a share of our plunder, they might let us live?" A few of the hiskrs on deck began laughing, a sound more like a hiss than anything else. It was true that many of Bloom's more bestial crew members were more in touch with their animal sides. Bloom thought about this for a moment. He sighed and then did exactly what a merchant ship would have done upon realising it barely stood a chance.

"Raise the stupid flag. When there's enough of an opening, start killing anyway." The hiskrs grinned, although this quickly subsided as they had played this game before and knew what to do. Miles and a few other sailors got to work on attaching and hoisting the white flag of surrender. "Tiny, get 'em to switch to bundle." Tiny nodded and went to the gun deck again. The boys wouldn't be happy about that. At least getting chain shot out of a cannon was easier than most of the other kinds. "And Jack, don't do nothin' stupid until you're s'posed to."

Jack saluted, and then promptly, although admittedly accidentally, farted. Perhaps no one would notice.
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