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Spindly Jan's spyglass was stretched out to its fullest as she peered through its golden length. They've seen us! I see the bustle. Yarba nodded, the hungry grin on her lips. The chase, it would be fun.

Vohx, push us faster! Harogi, slim the hull! I want to cut through it like a shark! The words fell from her mouth in a commanding tone. It came naturally, just like the glint in her eyes. Spying Monkey, she knew where he ought to be. Monkey, go aloft! Send Roul down.

Aye, aye, Mate! The half elf thief darted upwards, leaving his mop sprawled on the deck carelessly. His long fingers hooked the tangled ropes and he hoisted himself skyward like his namesake.

It was easy to switch tactics. Everyone had seen fit to arm themselves. With Vohx's water magic pushing them and Harogi's wood magic making their hull more of a knife blade to cut through the waves, they were a shark among ships. Very few could speed so quickly as the Iron Eel. While Rolf was a slacker of a captain, he had sure known how to pick his crew when he assembled it. Yarba could feel the spray kicking up mightily. Speckers, get Chook to load the powder and ready the barkers. I want to spit fire when we come about.

The cabin boy nodded and began to scramble off as Yarba ordered one more thing. And take the bloody mop with you, boy! We'll need it later if they get our deck. Which I'll have to make sure doesn't happen. I just need Vohx to give them a good push once we get closer to get them off their feet. Then we'll board, kill off who we can, swear in the rest, and take their booty before they even know we were truly there.

What in bloody 'ells is goin' on? Cap'n takes a nap an' the whole bloody world is shoutin' in 'is head. Man's gotta a 'angover an' yer all so bloody noisy! Rolf had woken up and, thankfully, bothered to get dressed. In true piratical fashion, he wore clothes that were brightly colored and of fine material put together with other brightly colored things of fine material that looked absolutely hideous together. His orange silk shirt was flopped open inappropriately, ruffles falling on one side of his broad chest and down his wrists. His violet silk pantaloons poofed out about his thighs, red tights covering his calves. His black lord shoes with their silver buckles seemed almost feminine and laughable though no one would dare laugh. The golden satin sash that girded his waist was embroidered with flying swallows and was probably a lady's scarf at one point, but had now become something like a gaudy belt that held his scimitar carefully tucked in its sheath. His large black hat sat atop a green head scarf, one part of its black brim tilted skywards in order to hold a great white configuration of curling feathers that fell down behind it. One hand resting upon his weapon's hilt and the other twirling the end of his exceedingly long mustache, Captain Darkenby's bloodshot, bleary eyes began to assess the situation.

Yarba, knowing that the Captain's bloodshot, bleary eyes wouldn't be able to assess the situation, decided to fill him in. There's a small ship ahead of us and we're giving chase. It's small and fast, but I don't think she could take us in a fight. Miri's bird did a survey before we found her, but they're aware of us now. Jan's got the spyglass. Harogi and Vohx are giving us wings.

Rolf made a deep gurgle in his throat, clearing it, preparing to spit before he realized where he was standing and swallowed down the mucus and saliva instead with a sour look on his face. Fine enough, I s'pose. Carry on. He waved his hand at those cloistered around the helm, near the door to his cabin. The orange frills flapped limpy in the air. Like his dick when he's piss drunk... Yarba was irritated by his lack of enthusiasm.

With a clap of her hands, Yarba opened her mouth to roar out orders. You heard the Cap'n! Get to!

The other ship's speed was no match with a water wizard and a wood wizard working in conjunction. As they neared, Yarba went to the ship's carpenter where the dwarf looked at the prey with a nasty smile and that same sort of eager glimmer in his dark eyes. Don't sink it so fast this time. We want the booty. Her soft spoken words caused Harogi to blink momentarily.

He gave her a wave to make her leave him alone. Oh fine fine. Ye dunna understand the pleasure of sinkin' a ship like I do. Jus' like poppin' bubbles! Poppin' bubbles! Heh! The orc woman wrinkled her nose before she moved on towards the spare supply of rope. It was easy to wrap it around her harpoon to give her a longer hold on the weapon as well as make it into more of a grappling hook if it would hit the other ship solidly. Or pierce a body which will get stuck on the railing and still give me access to their deck. The malicious smile formed on her face as she imagined it. It was all too soon that they had caught her rear. Yarba went towards the hatch. Chook, you there?!

Yesss'am. The draconian cannon master was below, aiming his precious dragons with care out each side of the ship, making sure their chains held them fast to the planking. Each was loaded, he need only light the fuses when the other ship came in sight of either starboard or port side. Light'em?

Bulwark, bring us around! Chook, prepare to fire on their ass! The pirates gathered on deck, weapons in hand, some prepared to pepper the enemy as soon as they were near enough with bolts and arrows. The rest were prepared to board. They were still far enough that boarding was impossible as was loosing arrows. The cannon would suffice as long as the other boat was unable to put on speed. Of course, that's what Vohx was working on. The faerie water wizard was altering the currents, slowly stealing the majority of the other ship's forward momentum and aiding in the Eel's turn to bring the sideboard cannons in line to fire. Only the paltry wind could fill their sails now, but the water was against them. Fiend took to the wind, disliking the close quarters with the crew and sensing a battle afoot. He would worry those in the rigging as soon as the boarding began in earnest.
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