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Rather tired of the day's events, Kelter couldn't find the energy to will himself to undress only to have to get dressed again. Rather, he settled for slipping off his jacket, shaking that open in the desert air, turning it around and shaking it some more to prove that there was nothing in the pockets. It didn't have pockets anyway, but they wouldn't see that. He then threw the jacket onto the ground, shook his armour, and then each leg. Forgetting that there was a bandage on one of them, he gritted his teeth as pain shot through the wound again, although hoped none of the Children had noticed.

"If I really need to take off more of my clothes, I've already been searched once. You're asking the wrong person to strip in the middle of a circle of men." He slipped his jacket back on and rolled his shoulders to get comfortable within it again. He glanced at Jik and realised that he couldn't have the pendant, so that meant someone else had to have it. But who? Kelter could only frown. He didn't have the brains for this. He supposed Vidmung would. If there was one time he ever needed his brother, it was now. The dwarf groaned and tried to concentrate on the present, something which he hoped some conversation would help to achieve.

"I think it is interesting, Lisiki, to note that Yorasi got us, the potential suspects, to find the pendant, and not you, his loyal subjects. And you raise a fair point. Why would anyone want to steal the Speaker's pendant?"
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