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Most of the nearby men chuckled as the dwarf talked of pissing in front of them. They were pretty sure that he wouldn't do such a thing as that would take a sort of courage that they didn't think he had. Jik only rolled his large eyes before looking away, scanning the dark clad bodies around them.

It was Lisiki that decided to answer Andric's question. Yorasi gave you the task to find it. Not we. Why anyone would want to steal a piece of jewelry from the Speaker... That is a question. It was not even a very pretty bauble. Yorasi just hates thieves and those that steal from him are worse. You both should just give back the pendant and then we can get on with this sooner instead of all of us being punished for your own stupidity.

Jik wrinkled his nose again, frowning deeply. Jik not have pendant! He insisted again. Need proof? Jik prove it! Within a matter of moments, Jik had pulled off his cloak, shirt, pants. Standing there in his smallclothes, a bit chill in the darkness despite a layer of fur, he shook his weather beaten, faded clothes as if the pendant would fall out of them if it was truly there. Shaky shaky shaky! No shinies! Jik's shinies all gone! He had left his satchel in the tent when he had gone out so he hadn't even had that at the time of the theft. Jik's blatant display left many of the nomads nearby surprised, murmuring amongst themselves in their own language as suspicion settled upon the dwarf more firmly.

Kamaudi stayed where he was, at a distance, giving more credit to Jik for his brains than he thought possible for the hiskr who had seemed so simple to begin with.

Lisiki grimaced at the cat man. Ugh! Put your clothes back on! No one wants to see your ugly little body.

Jik stuck out his tongue at the young nomad. Jik not ugly! Many fuzzy womens have stroked Jik's manly body, purring all time! Furless human just jealous! His tail snapped about in agitation from the offense.
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