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"Yes, speaking of which," Kelter said, briefly looking at the Children around him again, "I hope you don't mind if I piss right about here." He pointed at the ground towards the centre of the circle of humans. "It's not quite the back of Yorasi's tent, but it's good enough. Didn't you even notice the rip in the tent, Jik? And there was an awful lot of activity going on around you..." The dwarf actually needed to relieve himself but found the myriad of eyes facing him, as one would expect, rather uncomfortable. The urge to empty his bladder had come a few hours ago but Kelter had staved it off, although now it was fighting with more ferocity. In response, so was he. He suspected another half-day before he would be forced to go. By then he'd either be free or dead. But, of course, there were more worrying matters than having to expose yourself to a group of people dressed in black on a hot day in the desert.

Where could Jik be hiding it? That was assuming Jik even had it. Kelter was far more inclined to think that one of the Children surrounding him possessed the pendant -- there was certainly ample room to conceal it under all those robes, and Yorasi didn't seem to think that they were worth investigating. None of them looked particularly suspicious, though, or perhaps it was that they all looked equally suspicious, and so none stood out. Kelter flexed his wooden fingers a little, and although most of his uncovered skin was sunburnt, it was the skin that merged with the wood that hurt most. Every time he moved his wrist, it was like the skin had been cooking in an oven for an hour or so. His armguards were off now, though, so that meant one less thing rubbing uncomfortably against his searing skin.

"Do none of you want to find the pendant?" Kelter asked, looking at the imperfect join between the artificial and the real on his arm. There was a sudden desire to scratch it, but he fended it off. He looked at some the Children once again, quickly ruffling his hair with the other hand and shaking some sand free. He then scratched at his beard as nonchalantly as he could manage. "You're not going to ask us where it is? Who took it? What we know? I bet Yorasi has a big reward for whoever finds the pendant. But maybe there's a bigger reward for keeping it, hm? Some of you are in on Jik and that other fellow's plans, aren't you?" Kelter couldn't spot Jik's accomplice, or leader, or whatever he was amongst the crowd, although he hadn't taken a particularly good look at him in the first place.

Kelter didn't know which train of thought to pursue anymore, so he was just going after all of them at once and hoping one of them eventuated. At least, that was his plan until he thought of what would hopefully be a much better one.
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