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Cherari's lips had curved under her dark face covering though her eyes betrayed her not. Her graceful form departed into the enraged Speaker's tent along with Yorasi and a few of his seemingly more loyal followers, leaving Lisiki and a dozen other nomads with their eyes upon the rather odd pair.

Jik's nose wrinkled as Kelter spoke to him. His large mismatched eyes turned towards the dwarf. If whole world a litter box, let Jik see if Short Man can hold it forever... His eyes narrowed, his mind turned towards the immediate defensive tactics. He was being blamed. And a thief, as well as a innocent man, would say the same things. Jik know nothing about this pendant thing. Jik is innocent. Short Man understand Common? Jik was peeing. He brushed the sand from his clothes as he stood. Jik not feeling too good. Want to go where sun went to escape daytime. Why though? What is over there that Jik not see?

Someone snorted in a soft laugh at Jik's assertions, or his accent, or even the deed of peeing in the dark desert nearby a large tent. It was hard to tell. Every single one of them had a hand on a hilt or the pole of one weapon or another, prepared to keep the two men in line. Kamaudi and his associates were scattered amongst the tents or within the tents, fully trusting that Jik would do whatever he could to keep a hold of wherever he had secreted the pendant, not knowing that the hiskr had decided upon swallowing it. The only thing known by Kamaudi was that Jik had successfully stolen the pendant and that Yorasi hadn't been able to find it in a cursory search. Though, by now, the Speaker was probably turning his tent over inside out to see if it had been dropped in the hasty escape. There might not have been audible cursing or shouting, but Kamaudi was an experienced nomad, older than even Yorasi, and very patient. He would lead the tribe soon. Very soon. Yorasi would finally be deposed.


Kayra was wearing shackles. It was not the first time, but she was sincerely hoping that it was the last time. The section of the tent she sat in was dark and there was no rug for her to sit on. All there was was sand and it kept getting into her clothes. Every time it got into her clothes, she tried to get it out. Every time she tried to get it out, the shackles made clanging noises. And every time they made clanging noises, Yorasi would grunt in anger more loudly and flash her a dark look. His looks were getting darker all the time. The... sand... Her mumble was met with an unsympathetic dark look.

Neither of us would be in this situation if your friend had not stolen my pendant. His growl was clipped, his accent more pronounced.

You could always buy another--

Be quiet! The only concern of yours is if your friends give me back what is mine or not. But until then... You. Shall. Remain. Quiet!

Okay... This is... not a happy place. Kelter, did Jik steal his necklace? And what's so important about it anyway? She let a sigh filter through her lips, keeping it as quiet as she could even as Yorasi's angry eyes finally slid away from her face now that she was staring at the floor. Why can't we be out of this stupid desert?
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