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Kelter held back a smile as he saw Yorasi stall, although even if he had let it through, the smile would only have been big enough for Kelter himself to know about it. The torture devices that were displayed soon after meant that the dwarf was glad he had kept his mouth stagnant. He could handle combat wounds, but torture was something else entirely. Kaldevan had only been forced to use it once -- 'royal interrogation', the guards called it -- and Kelter had never witnessed it himself, but that just left more to the imagination. Even the pain that Magus had put him through didn't seem quite as bad as what Yorasi or the Children might do with the items on display.

Thankfully, the tools of persuasion were soon covered once again, and providing even more reason for silent celebration was Yorasi's decision to wait. There was a scuffle on one side of the crowd, and Kelter was both surprised and annoyed to see Kayra. Sneaking? Kelter frowned. Curiosity is a dwarf's bane, Kayra... As she was forced into the tent, Kelter knew that protesting wouldn't accomplish anything, and so kept his mouth shut. As he was freed, he shook his wrists lightly, staring at Jik and wondering what was going on. It had to have been him. Then again, the pendant might have swapped hands by now. One of the Children probably had it. He turned his attention to them, and this was when Cherari appeared. He listened to her disguised orders tiredly, expression vacant.

"And if I do, I want my purse back. I don't care if it's empty." After she had gone, he turned on the spot slowly, looking at the Children around him. Eventually, he stopped, facing Jik once more. "I hope now you understand the perils of urinating behind the Speaker's tent, Jik. Look at what you've gotten yourself into." Kelter glanced at the robed figures that surrounded them, wary of using the word 'us'. It might just imply that they were working together. "Where's the pendant?"
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