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As much as Yorasi hated to admit it, the dwarf's appeal to logic was most unfortunately winning out. Jik is innocent! The hiskr's voice was grating on the Speaker's ears as he once again tried to proclaim innocence. Yorasi could not bring himself to believe the hiskr nor the dwarf. The pendant was an essential piece of equipment to the tribe. He could not lead them without it. Surely some in his own people knew that, but as to whom would gain more by theft... That was yet to be seen.

Lisiki came back with a roll of soft camel leather. The young man presented it to the Speaker with a flourish as he spread the bit of leather open with his hands, the sparkle of the metal instruments easily seen with the light from the nearby fire. Wicked hooks, tongs, razors, and other oddments of metal nestled within. I have brought them, Speaker.

Yorasi raised his chin, his eyes fierce beneath his hawk-like brow. He affixed his stare upon the dwarf. I am not convinced that you or your kind did not steal my pendant. However, I have decided that I will wait for you to return it to me. Your weapons, your camels, your tents and supplies, and even your woman will all belong to me until it is returned. With a hand gesture from Yorasi, Lisiki rolled up the leather, obscuring the instruments of torture. Cherari simply kept the weapons she had had taken from them during the initial search. It was then that Kayra was pushed through the crowd, one arm wrapped behind her back as she wriggled in pain.

Let me go! You're hurting me!

The nomad that had caught her shoved her onto her knees into the sand before Yorasi. She was wandering outside of her tent. Sneaking. I have brought her before the Speaker for judgement.

Yorasi smirked grimly. Chain her up in my tent. Release the dwarf and the hiskr. Watch them carefully. Allow them no water, no camels, and no weapons. They may not have tents. Everything they have access to will be at my discretion.

Kayra was jerked to her feet by her hair as she grunted in pain, thrust before her captor as she was forced towards Yorasi's large tent. Andric! She kept enough sense in her head to call him by his false name even as the desperation in her eyes increased. The guard used his knee to nudge her along faster in the hopes that she stopped leaning away from the tent. No! No! That was all she was able to get out before she was forced inside and forcibly gagged.

Kelter and Jik's bindings were unlocked, but more nomads came to surround them. It was a sea of dark robes that cast strange, shifting shadows in the flickering dance of the firelight. Cherari laughed softly out of her nose in a puff of air. Dwarf, see that you find the pendant. Yorasi is never merciful. I am sure that you have until mid-morning to find it. I will wish for your success. Perhaps. She turned away from him to go.

Jik blinked and rubbed his wrists. This... Jik does not like this. Jik wished that Jik had never come to the desert.
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