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Kelter remained silent for the most part of this discussion. The mention of Kayra and 'instruments' made him uneasy, although he tried not to let it show. Surely they didn't have the gall to torture her in an attempt to make him confess. He knew Jik cared little about him, but his thoughts regarding Kayra were slightly cloudier. However it was, of course, highly unlikely that he'd be giving up any time soon. She'd have to be extremely close to death for him to feel a smidgeon of guilt. Although Kelter wished to remain silent for as long as possible, Yorasi's last few sentences gave him an obvious train of thought worth embodying in speech. He would say nothing about Kayra and just get on with the more pressing matters at the moment.

"Exactly, Speaker: Jik is no mastermind. If you would say that he has no mind at all, that means he is easily led. I'll have you know that Jik speaks to no one unless there is benefit involved for himself. When we first met, we were at a tavern in Canyonface. He asked me where the jewellery store was and intended to rob it. He spoke to no one else. Similarly, he has spoken to very few here. I have watched him closely as any Speaker should, and he has spoken to only one person that I know of. Lest he has found his soulmate and intends to marry, I think it is easy to figure out what has gone on here. You said it yourself, he has no mind. So someone planned everything for him and he just did the footwork.

"How would I have found out about whatever you've lost? Clearly it is of sentimental value -- people react very differently when they've lost something of monetary value. If you're going to ask how I know, yes, I have done some thieving in my time, but as I said, I would only steal something for personal gain. And if I knew what it was, where it was, and exactly how to get it. Good luck getting Jik to tell you how he got the gold we gave you, and a whole lot of other misdemeanours I can relate to his name."

Kelter recalled something else Yorasi said. "And you said that your tribe would never steal one of yours. Which is why they got Jik, an impressionable outsider, to do it for them. If you're not willing to tell me what you've lost, then consider this in your own mind: who benefits more from gaining this item? An outsider, like Jik or I, or one of your own?"
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