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Yorasi chose not to answer Kelter's questions about the pendant. Its abilities were not to be known if it could be helped though the man's panic for its loss was immense. Despite the object's insignificant appearance, its loss could well condemn the entire nomadic tribe to death and its worth a thousand times more than the gold taken from Jik for their passage to Canyonface City. But there were many things going through Yorasi's mind as his eyes went from the hiskr to the dwarf. The hiskr was a whiney creature, thin-boned and weak looking, a simpleton with little mind of his own. The dwarf, on the other hand, was a suspicious fellow with a dour personality and the look of some intelligence about him.

Cherari moved towards Yorasi and whispered in his ear, making it all the more clear to the Speaker. The dwarf had asked that they watch the hiskr more closely, setting up a diversion, whereupon the dwarf could take full opportunity to feel less visible to steal through the tent and purloin the pendant with no one the wiser. They could see through his plan with a transparency unmatched. You truly expect me to fall for your lies, dwarf? The hiskr seems to have the mind of an idiot while you have the cunning of a man, redirecting attention his way as a decoy even as camp was being established. You had accepted the terms as Speaker for your fellows. As for being the only two people capable of the deed, let us bring your woman as a third if you believe her culpable of such deception as well. Those of my tribe would not steal that which is mine.

Cherari looked at the hiskr who was digging his toe in the sand, his arms held tightly between two men. The creature's nervousness was easily attributed to the situation and not necessarily the theft. Do you wish the instruments, Yorasi?

Lisiki stood nearby still. I would get them for you, Speaker. At Yorasi's nod, the young man strode away with purposeful steps and a grim smile on his face. Kamaudi, along with many other nomads looked on at the spectacle, was grateful that Yorasi thought nothing of Jik's intelligence. It was all to the good that the dwarf would take the severe punishment for the deed instead of the true puppet master who pulled the strings of the heist all the while keeping his hands free from the dirt of it. Even if the dwarf had a notion of a nomad sending the hiskr on the errand, all of them would look the same to an outsider...

Jik felt insecure. The entire situation was unpleasant as was the sensation that he felt inside of him. He had to travel. There was a place, many places, that he must go and no one saw that. He dug his toe in the sand in an attempt to distract himself from the sensations. It felt like there was an air bubble... No, not quite an air bubble. More like a giggle in his gut. Why is Jik here...? His plaintive moan caused one of his two captors to kick at his ankle, making Jik yelp in surprise and sudden pain.

So, Andric, tell me. Do you really expect me to believe that the hiskr is the mastermind to any theft? He who seems to have no mind at all? Should I instead bring the woman out here instead to punish? Yorasi looked down at Kelter, his cold glare and hot fury prevalent in the slits of his eyes.


Kayra stood and crawled out of the tent. She could wait no longer. It's too quiet. I need to know what's going on... She moved on silent feet, edging around the tents like a shadow in the shadows. If there was nothing else about her that was well trained, she could move like a wraith on nearly any footing. She looked for Kelter.
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