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It was fortunate for Kelter that he wasn't wearing his armguards, meaning that the manacles sat slightly more comfortably on his wrists -- as comfortable as steel could be on skin, anyway. The chain was long enough to give him room to move, and although he wasn't exceptionally close to the fire, it would do. The dwarf remained stagnant as his weapons were taken, although he sneered as his coin was removed from his belt. He watched it disappear into the shadowy maze of Cherari's cloak and stared dryly at her. Yorasi then entered the camp's centre and Kelter barely paid him any attention until he realised that the Speaker's threats were being directed at him. The dwarf looked back at the Speaker and prepared his defence.

"What would I want with whatever you've lost?" He'd noticed that the Speaker's pendant had gone, and the word had even been thrown around a few times, but Kelter decided it was best not to appear too knowledgeable about what was happening. "If I was going to steal something, it'd be the gold we gave you or maybe a few camels." Kelter looked at Jik, trying to find something that would distract attention away from himself, and found it. Noticing such a thing might just make him more suspicious -- possibly even an accomplice in some wider plan, in their eyes -- but if he sounded exasperated enough...

"And why isn't he chained up for everyone to stare at?" Kelter asked, pointing and looking at the guards flanking the hiskr incredulously. "The fact that he's isn't getting the same treatment as me means the two people holding him are suspects as well. And yes, Speaker, you did say that I would be punished for the crimes of my party, and I respect those conditions, but first of all, you don't even know he's committed a crime at all, and second of all, if he has, why run the risk of him escaping? On that note, we can't be the only two people capable of such a thing." He almost mentioned how Cherari had seen it wise to steal from him, although decided that that would only aggravate Yorasi more.

And Kelter most certainly did not want that.
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