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Lisiki was quite content to let the dwarf walk himself to the camel post at the front of the tent. Someone else had conveniently left a set of manacles draped across it already. Pleased with how smoothly this was all going, the young nomad simply slipped the manacles around each of the dwarf's wrists, the chain connecting them wound around the pole where he would have to be about three times his own height in order to slip the chain free of it and not mind getting slivers up and down his face considering how closely he had to hug it in order to find a spot even remotely tolerable.

Jik was brought around to the front of the tent as well though there were no chains awaiting the hiskr. Jik had to pee! Why aren't stupid nomads listening to Jik? Impossible for Jik to see in dark so had to go where light so to pee!

Cherari took charge as she approached. Lisiki, search the dwarf for weapons and our Speaker's pendent. It seems that it is missing. Do the same for the hiskr. Jik squirmed as a nomad began to feel him up for weapons, taking his dirk and not finding anything remotely like a pendent on the creature. Lisiki did the same for Kelter. The kama was confiscated along with the dagger. The young nomad even did well enough to slip Kelter's money purse free from his belt in order to check the contents within. Not seeing the pendent inside, he simply smiled mildly maliciously and handed the purse to Cherari who slipped it into a pocket in her voluminous clothing and acted as if she had done nothing at all.

Nothing, Cherari. I see nothing. Lisiki shrugged.

It must be one of these two. The hiskr? Her eyes strayed to the man who patted the increasingly agitated feline man down who straightened and shook his head. By Dejendi's head, where could it have gone? Yorasi will-- Her statement was cut off by the man's appearance as he threw aside the tent flap, clothed now though his face was bare. His expression was livid even in the semi-darkness lit only by the fires nearby.

Where is it?! Where did you take it?! I will see you burn in Yevandegraste for this betrayal! He bellowed his anger even as other nomads began peering from tents and camp rounds. Yorasi looked only towards the dwarf, chained to the camel post. It appeared as if he believed that Andric was the sole thief. Jik was simply loosely held between two nomads and looked distinctly uncomfortable.

We have not found it on either one, Yorasi. The man's lip twitched, revealing his teeth in a snarl.

Kamaudi watched, mildly worried that Jik's stolen treasure would be found, but not sure where the hiskr had even hidden it. Even so, to show any interest more than what appeared to be a passing curiosity would set the entire camp on edge. Yorasi was known to be cruel and hot-tempered. It was best to wait it out. He would steal away the hiskr when the time came.


Kayra was sitting in the tent patiently waiting when a young nomad boy poked his head past the tent flap. You. Stay. Here. The boy gestured with his fingers. Other. One...? He nodded when he decided that it was the correct word. Not. Come. Here. And before the dwarven woman could even ask a question, the boy scampered off. What?! What's going on? What... what did he mean 'not come here'? Worry began to grow as she began to see people clustering together outside the large tent. Jik's tail was easy enough to spot as it moved like a serpent about to strike. So she could only debate with herself for the time being, go or stay?
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