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Kelter eyed Yorasi and quickly noticed that what he was searching for had previously been attached to the chain on his neck. It was either expensive or sentimental. Probably both. All the dwarf could do was raise an eyebrow as Lisiki was ordered to chain him up. It seemed that everything had quickly taken a turn for the worse. Kelter heard movement behind him and turned to face both Cherari and the youth. He sighed and slipped his hands onto his head, complying to unspoken orders. He then began making his way to the camels.

"You don't have to do a thing, Lisiki. I would happily chain myself just to prove my innocence. I may as well give you the honours, though." They'd probably take his kama, seeing as it was visible, and if they were serious about protecting the Children, they'd probably notice the dagger as well. As long as they gave all his weapons back when they were done with this nonsense, Kelter wouldn't have any complaints. Well, except for the fact that he'd be spending a night out in the freezing damn cold of the desert at night. His jacket would work, but not well enough.

"If someone could please tell my companion -- as in, the other dwarf, not the hiskr -- that I won't be returning to my tent, that would be much appreciated." He didn't expected any of the Children to go into detail, and so he hoped that Kayra could rest easy tonight. She could find out tomorrow what fate had befallen him. If this held up their progress too much, Kelter considered reverting back to the plan he had conceived earlier regarding taking one of the Children hostage and making their own way back to Canyonface. He doubted they would stop moving for too long, though. Their entire trade or whatever it is that they do had to more important than a single pendant. And if it wasn't, then that was all the more reason to believe that Jik and the Child he was talking to had something sinister planned indeed.
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