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Jik's defense of having to pee had drawn a lot of attention. Several nomads had been alerted to him, especially some that could speak Common more fluently than the man that was currently trying to get ahold of the hiskr. Cherari, seeing Lisiki was having problems with the dwarf who was now moving, not back towards his own tent, but to the back of the central tent, followed them swiftly, a hand on her sword as it seemed as if the dwarf was going to require some persuading. Andric, let us not do this! Come away from-- Lisiki's plea was cut off as Kelter said his sarcastic statement that hiskrs could pee acid. The tent was obviously ripped and not by any simple stream of liquid.

Kamaudi's men had been busily obliterating Jik's tracks as soon as the hiskr was away. The entire area was full of man sized boots and camel tracks so thick that they were like miniature dunes all on their own. Likewise, the tracks that Kelter had followed to the main tent were now obscured by the careless trod of other people and the night breeze itself. All evidence seemed to point to a possibility of two people and both were quite suspicious.

Yorasi stared at the dwarf through the rip, his eyes wide and unbelieving what he saw. He sat up quickly, the loose chain dangling around his neck slid down his bare chest and landed in his lap with a metallic thunk of chain. He gasped, grabbing for the chain, and began to frantically feel around the blanket to see if he could find the pendent. Lisiki! Take that man to the camel post and chain him there until I have had a chance to speak to him! He jabbed his finger at Kelter's shape through the slit of the tent. Lisiki moved to comply immediately, drawing his sword. Cherari behind him already with her sword unsheathed looked for any sign of trouble from the dwarf.

You heard the Speaker. I either take you peacefully or I prod you with a blade. It is your choice.


Jik pouted as the nomads clustered around him. Jik had to pee! Was on way to find pee trench. Got lost. All sand looks same to Jik! Best lit over there. Thought Jik could find way back to tent, but got lost. His ears were held low, his tail bouncing mildly with agitation. One of Kamaudi's men came up to the group that surrounded Jik and said something in their native tongue and the man who had originally caught Jik nodded and stepped aside, potentially corroborating with Jik's story, but it was impossible to tell unless one knew their language.

Jik was brought towards the front of the main tent by the camel post where he stood, mildly nervously, fidgeting with his fingers, waiting. For what? Jik is... feeling not so good about this now... Even so, he felt that he had a few places he must go to. The feeling inside was building in him. There was a place due north that he felt he must journey too as soon as the sun came up; it pulled on him strongly.
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