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The muscular centaur grinned as she walked forward on hind legs, pushing the two bandits back as they tried to continued dodging her hooves and her swords. Her arms moved almost mechanically making the two swords move quickly in synchronized patterns. Hate flashed in her eyes. -I hate bandits. Honorless thieves of the roads and forests!- A few hits from the swords of the bandits scored through her leather armor, cutting her stomach and crisscrossing other scars that she knew were there. "AAAIIIEIEEE!!!" She screamed, coming down onto the first bandit with a vengeance, pummeling at him with her hooves until he fell down onto the ground. She crushed him into the dirt, the cracking of bone sounding sharply, rebounding off of the trees.

The other one, pausing for a moment with terror and honest surprise on his face, stared at her, then the bloody mess of broken bones and flesh on the ground that used to be a companion. He screamed as she turned her furious gaze on him, and then started moving towards the bushes.

She charged at him, and he ran, trying to dodge through the trees, and from the sound of it, not always succeeding. The mare didn't care. She didn't want to go crashing through the forest at night, when she couldn't see properly. So instead, she turned back to the battle in the small clearing, looking for where she could help the most.
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Here we go again... · Uruhyo Forest

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