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Rhyn's ears perked with interest as she caught the argument from down stairs, slipping off to one side. Once again, she was a shadow of importance. From her place in the shadows near the stairs, she watched the growing confrontation, her hands moving slowly and pulling her crossbow from it's place. This would not end well. Oryn's mention of the "old goat" made her glance around. Who was the old goat? Racing, she remembered that Nev's family sigil was a goat, and she glanced at the boy. He was cringing. Not a good sign. Protectiveness rose within.

The wind howled around them, but it was slightly quieter than before. Bradley stood behind the counter, watching. His eyebrows shot up as Brown joined the other men, and his fingers reached for the crossbow underneath the bar as Oryn became more upset, drawing his sword. It happened so quickly, the innkeeper had no time to stop the old man's death by sword, but he burst into action swiftly, his expression stone.

Muscles bulged and the solid thud of the large crossbow on top of the bar called attention to it. His voice was loud and demanding. "Stop this, right now, or so help me, I'll toss you all out in the storm to freeze." The crossbow was pointed at Rayond. Rhyn stepped closer to Bradley, her own crossbow now raised and aimed at the group. Her fur was beginning to puff out over her shoulders.

"Enough of this nonsense! Five minutes ago, you were dragging this man in chains, for execution of imprisonment or what, I don't give a damn. Now, you've killed one of your own elders to keep and organizing what, a rebellion?! What in all the gods' names is going on?!" He glanced around at all of the group, anger apparent as blood seeped from Oryn and onto his wooden floor.
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