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His voice drifted through her dream-like state, though the words garbled and mixed themselves up in her head. Something about the Gods...She frowned a little, confused. Then he moved his head, and the words he spoke made it through in one, complete peice this time. --He's your sweetheart, Kat. You answer him.-- Lady Rogue grumbled sleepily at her.

Katarina blinked a little, her eyes barely opening to look blearily at Collin. Licking her lips, she tried to say "Ya, I'm great. Let's go." But it came out more like "Ya'm'grea'. Lezgo." She shifted a little, tightening her grip. "Lezgo." she repeated, eyes almost closed once more.

-I hope I don't fall off. I don't think I really want to sleep in a tree...but I suppose wolves are worse...- The wind howled at the moment, sounding much like a wolf, and Kat was too tired to really differ between the two. -Never slept in a...tree before...- She tried to hide a yawn, failed, and then forced her eyes open a little more. -Got to stay awake...-
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