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The drow walked and hummed steadily as he kept moving for a good while. He was almost sure that she had falled asleep on his back by the time they reached the large trunk before them. He was glad when he saw the tree, its notched trunk was riddled by marks which made it perfect for climbing. He stopped walking, stopped humming, and simply looked up. Through the wide branches, he could see little holes up to the cloudless sky, a bit of starlight, like pinholes, coming through.

A world full of miracles the surface has always been. Great balls of light hang weightlessly in the sky whether small or huge. It makes me feel so small, the sky does. Its power is truly humbling. Gods of travelers, keep her safe while she is with me and I am so small in this large world. His mutter was barely above a whisper though she could probably have heard it were she awake, but as he felt that she wasn't, it wasn't bad to pray for someone then. I suppose I shall have to wake her so she can cling and I will climb. Those boughs will be wide enough to be safe and comfortable.

He sighed and turned his head sideways, his cheek against her forehead. Katarina, we need to climb. Are you awake enough to hang on to me? Collin nuzzled her slightly, feeling the warmth of that slight bit of contact. It was so strange to be so fond of a person. He didn't even know what to title his feeling.
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