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Steady, limp, steady, limp. Th-thud. Th-thud. The steps were Collins, but was the heartbeat his or hers? Katarina didn't know. She clung to him, glad of the support from his large hands, and holding herself as tight as she could against him for as little trouble as possible. She was nearly asleep with the staedy, constant heartbeat, and the limping step of the drow. As such he had to carry dead weight. Even if someone was extremely light, dead weight was heavy. She wasn't that heavy, was she?

Katarina blinked blearily, -Only a 120 pounds right? No. More than that...130? no...still more...somewhere around 150...I think. Don't know what's true and what's not when I'm this tired. I've got to stop running myself to the ground.-

Collin started humming, a soft, sad tune, making Katarina wonder for a moment, what song it was. But as her eyelids drooped, she was glad for the unusual accompaniment to his lame step and thudding heart. Locking her feet together, and her arms as well, the woman's head dropped to Collin's shoulder, and her eyes closed. Not quite asleep, but not fully awake either, she felt everything that happened in the world around her. Sounds came in, scents bombarded her nose, mostly Collin's, just no sight. Kat smiled softly, and let herself drift in a trancelike, half asleep state.

-Hope I'm holding on tight enough without choking him...- her last thought faded away to nothing ness, and her breathing evened,her head on Collin's shoulder. She'd be able to hold on when they got to the tree, or so she was sure of, and then she stopped worrying.
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