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He waited patiently as Katarina got onto his back, wrapping herself around him tightly. It was another strange feeling that he felt and he simply wanted to turn around and embrace her like he had before, but there was a mission that had to be accomplished and that was to get to that tree. He had to admit to himself that she was heavier than he had imagined, but then again, he had never really carried a passenger before.

The drow moved steadily forward and heard her whisper softly in his ear. You are welcome, Katarina. You looked tired and we still have a little way to go. You will have to hold tight when we get to the tree, but I can support you until then. He wrapped his arms around behind himself, cupping her rear a bit, as he leaned forward to grant her more support. His feet felt the cool earth beneath him as he moved, watching carefully for roots or stones that would cause him to stumble. Even with a slight limp, he moved forward. It would only be another short while, but he worried about the half drow woman getting enough sleep suddenly.

Hmm... She feels so heavy, so tired. So am I, but I can still go. The night, the darkness. It had no hold over me. If I could only run smoothly... Hold on, Katarina. Almost there. He hummed softly as he moved, a tune that he was making up as he moved that was soft and sorrowful, yet pleasant.
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