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-I'm fine!- she objected to herself, but didn't push the words out. She really was too tired. So when he turned to offer her a chance to get on his back, she sighed and pushed herself to move. Katarina jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, being careful not to choke him. That wouldn't help any. She blinked slowly, wishing that there was someway to just fall asleep and not have to worry about animals without having to climb a tree either.

"Thank you." Her voice was barely a whisper, but with her head so close to Collin's ear, it would be easy enough for him to hear it. The woman was so tired she was almost already asleep, now that she had stopped moving.

Wondering what type of tree he had found, an image started coming to mind of a gigantic deciduous tree, with places in its branches that seemed just perfect for sitting, sleeping etc. But she knew that it would probably be a coniferous tree of some sort. She hadn't seen any maples or other deciduous plants since they'd entered the forest. Her eyelids drooped, her head nodding as she started to nod off to sleep, though a few seconds later she forced her eyes open once more. If she fell asleep, she's lose her hold on Collin.
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