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Collin trudged on, getting more exhausted as time went on. Katarina looked worse than he did, but his bones felt each impact of his feet with the earth below. At least it was dirt and not cobblestone. The drow looked towards his female companion and realized suddenly that she could hardly see. It was practically like daytime for him, everything lit with a horrid pink cast.

Yes, I do see one. A thick old evergreen. It is still aways from here. Let me carry you on my back. We'll be able to move faster and you'll risk stumbling and hurting your ankles less. He offered his back to her in case she wanted to climb on. He knew that he would tire faster with her there, but they'd reach and scale that tree much faster.

The tree that he saw was old, ancient like those of its fellows, but this one had broad branches that would hold them even if they happened to accidentally roll. It would probably able to catch them even if they fell all the way down. Its greenery was lush and full for a tree made out of needles. The particular spot that he beheld was about a third of the way up that towering tree that had a little bit of a hollow between a few nearby branches, perfect for those needing a campsite. I wonder if she knows how to climb a tree like that. If not, I can climb with her on my back too as long as she has the strength to cling to me all the way up by herself.
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