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Katarina looked at him. "Well, it's preferable." She didn't know how to sleep in a tree without falling off the branch, unless it was the fork of a deciduous tree, but she hadn't seen any of those. Had she? A silent sigh escaped her lips, as she held back another yawn. She was so tired. It had been an extremely long day.

"But I'd rather not get awakened by some wolf or bear either..." Kat muttered, almost to the point where she'd be happy with just collapsing in some ferns. "Do you see any suitable spots in the trees? I can't see much in this light." Her above normal vision was useless when no light was around. She could barely see her hand in front of her face.

--Well, if you hadn't started to fool around with the drow, we would've been here before sundown. Then you would've been able to see just fine. But nooo...-- Lady Rogue was irate with tiredness, but it only made her comments more biting than before. What sounded like a howl to the ears of Katarina echoed through the woods, and whether it was a wolf, or just the wind, she didn't care to find out. The woman inched closer to Collin, wishing she could see properly.
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