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Who said anything about me not getting any sleep? I can sleep in one position, you know? We just shouldn't be on the ground. We'll run into something nasty at night on the ground. He sighed softly. The drow didn't want to admit that he too was getting a bit tired from all the limping. He just rolled his shoulders and kept on moving.

His sunset eyes scanned the tree boughs, searching for suitable spots to sleep. He didn't want a tree that was too close to the ground nor one that was too young to support weight. Though these trees did seem to have a knack for being large and old... His infra-red vision painted everything in varying degrees of reds and pinks. The more he had lived on the surface, the more the rather blah colors of his natural-born vision became. At least it was useful if it had to be blah.

For a moment, Collin thought he heard a far off distant howl, but shook it off as hearing the breeze through the boughs. The eerie creaking was always enough to give someone the chills. So it had been since, perhaps, the dawn of time. One shouldn't fear the unknown. One should get to know the unknown so it becomes known. That's why I've spent some time here in this woods before. I know them, at least, as an acquaintance...

Still adamant on sleeping on the ground? He grimaced, looking forward while still visually scouting the terrain.
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