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Katarina smiled, tracing her scar nervously as she gazed into the darkness of the forest. -I'm not completely blind. Just mostly.- She nodded though. "I'm fine. But you shouldn't have to stay up all night. Surely there's a way that we can find a camp that doesn't involve you having to keep me from falling off a branch." She didn't like the idea of sleeping in a tree. It was one thing if they had a hammock or something, but just on the tree branch?

Never had she been so reluctant to enter the forests of the world. She had a strange feeling about it tonight, with the moon shining so brightly behind her. But she sighed, exhaustion pressing her. She held back a yawn. -Not that how I feel matters.- She looked at Collin, her sharp eyes catching more detail than human, from her years in the darkness, but still, the only thing that was clear was his eyes glowing in the darkness with heat vision.

Her own eyes reflected the moonlight slightly, but she wished for infra-vision enviously. "Come on. Let's find somewhere to camp" She pushed forward into the small bit of underbrush under the trees, hoping to find a good place to sleep, preferably on the ground.
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