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The shriek that pierced the air was none of her business. It was probably just some random girl that freaked out after all. But then, the disturbance would catch the attention of everyone and provide so many opportunities. The grin on her face was slightly crazy in anticipation. Her steps neat and quick, she headed towards the commotion, and saw a burly man headed away from it. And then, in the center of the quickly gathering crowd, she saw Pheena, and Koro, reprimanding her. Taking advantage of the situation, she moved through the crowd towards the two.

Whispers and mutters of "is she all right?" ran through the crowd, and then the guards began to send them back on their way, nothing to see here. She picked pockets as she passed, knowing that she now had a rather large amount of booty on her. But Pheena was her main worry, really.

Moving in, Fyra rushed forward and skidded to a halt right in front of the two, and then grinned at Pheena. "Well, at least you're okay. Where to now?" The grin on her face was unable to be hidden from view, despite her worry for her relatively new friend.
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