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"Do you want everyone to know exactly where we are?!"

There is a hint of confusion within Koro's words as he told Fyra "Well that's usually the case when someone is yell-"

"Because if you do, you should follow from a greater distance. I don't like having attention drawn to me. It's bad enough I'm traveling in a group, let alone with a group of people who aren't thieves."

If he could, Koro would have pouted his lip like a child at the great annoyance he is feeling at the moment. None the less, his smile stood firm as he looked around for a breif moment to see if his calls attracted their missing companion. At any other time he would have taken the time understood Fyra's concern about herself, seeing that Koro is far from a saint himself, but now is not that time at all with a missing person they need to find. That piggy bank of concern is about to tip over.

". . . then how should we attract Pheena's attention if we cannot even call her name out?"

Oh, well im so sorry Koro. I have seen the error in my ways. WHERE ARE YOU PHEENA!?

Sadly, that was not the case at all. He had now noticed that his feline companion is no where near him. Almost furious at what had just happened, Koro now realised that he can continue on with his yells of attraction now that the theif is gone. Clenching his fist and taking a deep breath, Koro let out another call.


His call immediattly stopped, almost coughing, when he heard a shreik from afar. While it could have been any woman in trouble, there is always the chance that it is the person he is looking for. If anything, he is atlest sure that Fyra would be there to check it out. Like a salmon going upstream a river, Koro passed through the flood of people with great ease. He is a city boy after all, places like this is nothing he has not experienced before. Soon enough, he had found the person he was looking for.

He was relatively bald and appeared to be missing at least three teeth. He was bulky and wide in a muscular way and stood at least six feet tall. His tunic which appeared to be white at one time in its existence was swallowed up in what appeared to be plenty of booze stains and possibly . . .

Well not the man who just passed by him, but the small, fragile, and childish looking girl that is not too far off. His smile seemed to have grown an inch the moment he found her and quickly shortened the gap between them. A sigh of relief left his breath as he said in a joyous tone"Pheena-" before unexpectinly flicking her forehead as hard as he could. He had no reguard for anyone else in the area, the only person he concentrated on is Pheena. Similar to a father speaking to their child, Koro spoke in a calm, but conern tone to Pheena. "You shouldn't leave the group like that when you're in a place like this. I wouldn't really know what to do if Fyra and I couldn't find you." Koro rubbed his chin as he continued. "But, I am happy that you're safe."

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