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Though they were on the fringe of the great forest, the trees were still wide and tall, the most ancient in the world. It was hard for Collin to believe that the roots beneath the earth were twice as wide and deep as those towering branches and they only got bigger as one headed towards the center and TaƩlothloren, the home city of the surface elves. The drow had lived in these woods for a time. The earthy smells were always rich and enticing. It was similar and a bit different all at the same time than the Underdark. Up here it was a richer, warmer smell, more plant than stone instead of the cold, indifferent smell that made up the dark caverns below.

We should move further into the woods and make camp in the trees. A single branch should hold the both of us and I can hold you there while you sleep so you won't fall. My eyes can take us in as deep as we need to and all you need do is cling to me while I climb. Are you too tired to go any further?

It's always so quiet... I sometimes wonder about what's all there that I missed before. He was all for leaving the meadows to get to some relative safety, obscured in the mighty trees. He could only be left wondering how Katarina felt about them.
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