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Pheena glanced to the left and to the right and nothing looked the least bit familiar! Oh what should I do?! The half elf girl thought hard about it as she stopped moving beneath a lamppost that burned brightly above her, its candle flame still strong. She could no longer feel anyone watching her from the shadows which she supposed was a good feeling then.

Hey girlie, you looking for a good time? Her little blonde head swivelled in the direction of a scary looking man. He was relatively bald and appeared to be missing at least three teeth. He was bulky and wide in a muscular way and stood at least six feet tall. His tunic which appeared to be white at one time in its existence was swallowed up in what appeared to be plenty of booze stains and possibly... Is that scary body odor stains under his armpits?! Oh no oh no oh no! His trousers were plain looking, but his belt held plenty of daggers all wicked, crooked, and evil looking.

Oh no. Oh no, I... I'm... no... not! She realized a little too late that her shivering made her look weak. So instead of fleeing, she began to scream. Her scream was like that of a banshee or even a murder victim. I'm in a city and there are guards! Save me! She screamed until it hurt. It was probably one of the best defensive weapons in a city that any girl who looked small, fragile, and childish could use and ultimately get found or get help. And it looked like the guards were coming her way and the man... Looks like he'll be running off in 3... 2... 1... Hee hee! And so he was.
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