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As she heard his voice, Fyra twirled around on her toes and glared up at Koro. Her ears flattened and the street still foremost in her mind, she snapped her ears back and her lips up in a snarl. "Do you want everyone to know exactly where we are?!" She hissed, her long tail lashing back and forth behind her. "Because if you do, you should follow from a greater distance. I don't like having attention drawn to me. It's bad enough I'm traveling in a group, let alone with a group of people who aren't thieves." She snapped, and then spun around again to continue walking down the center of the street towards the road she had thought she saw Pheena on.

The black feline wove between the crowd, picking up a few coins there, a jewel or two here. She was tempted to even try for that jeweled dagger hanging from a noble's guard's belt, but then figured it be too recognizable if she tried to sell it later. Her ears were up and turned forwards and her tail waved happily behind her. The open mouthed grin on her face, showing cat-like fangs, deterred most people from approaching her.

When she reached the street, finally, the black-cloaked figure was no where to be found. Where did she go?'
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