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She smiled gently at the compliment, hoping he would think she was changing her mind even though she wasn't. The scar was her biggest flaw, besides being ugly and revolting to everybody, and being a murderer. She would never like her scar, even as she traced it from time to time.

Katarina fell into a comfortable silence as she walked, adjusting her pace a little to make sure Collin could keep up without much trouble at all. He really did need proper foot wear. But that would happen, later.

((OOC: Time skip Time skip, time for a time skip...to late at night when predators are about... @_@ ))

Katarina stared up at the trees before her at the edge of the forest. Some were newer, younger, most older than her, but the one she stared at was gigantic. Fully seven feet in diameter, the tree would take several men to surround it, arms spread and fingers barely touching. No matter how many times she had passed through this forest, she still couldn't get over the amazement of something living that grew so large. Not that she had come through here very often. She had always preferred the central city.

"Well, time to look for a place to camp, I guess. It's late enough as it is." She glanced up at the clear sky, reluctant to leave the stars and the moon behind in the open fields. They wouldn't shine through most of the thick foliage of the forest, and they were her light source this night. Without them, she lived in a world of near blackness when the sun went down, and it reminded her too much of them.

A sigh escaped her as she looked at Collin.
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