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Like adding another coin in a jar, his concern for Pheena began to grow as the seconds went on by. Koro could not imagine why the girl with the memory problems would go into an unknown city like that. Well that was a lie, since Koro could not stop his mental visions of the vast array of possibilities. Could it be that this is her home town? Maybe she met with someone that triggered a memory? Oh, there is a chance that she found a clue to her past. While deep in thought, Koro tuned out the crowd surrounding him. It is something he usually does whenever he is in a situation with a lot of people unless he’s trying to sell something. It wasn’t until Fyra told him . . .

"I think she's that way."

. . . did Koro stop his endless train of thought. Koro is confident that Fyra must have spotted their travel buddy so he followed her with no doubt at all. After a few steps did Koro began to yell “Hey Pheena! Where are you?” since it is hard enough to hear with the natural noises of a city. Whether or not yelling out her name was good or bad is something that did not cross his mind. Maybe he should start listening to the crowds more often.
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