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Collin didn't bother to interpret her glare nor did he really need to. She was entitled to be upset at whatever it was she was upset about and he couldn't help but wish to console her. He caught the switch this time as Katarina took hold of her own body.

Yes, indeed. Even though you resent it, I still, however, find the scar upon your face beautiful, adding character and uniqueness that most people do not have. I'm afraid that your tale sounds more interesting than mine though. I simply have one accident after another to wind up here on the surface.

He looked forward and scanned the forest that still seemed so far away with the encroachment of night. At this pace, he figured that it would be well into night before they reached the perimeter of the forest and a little further after that to find a suitable campsite. Sleeping in a tree would still be best in case of wolves or bears... I do think I would welcome the rest though. My foot does sting now after so much walking at such a speed. He realized that his limping was becoming more pronounced again as he moved. The drow sighed. Such was life and the fickle will of the Gods whom watch over travelers.
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