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She half listened. Until his last words. Then, although she didn't stop, she might as well have for the look she gave him. One eyebrow raised up, her lips pursed and her eyes still filled with the hate and anger she had towards herself and the world, it really was quite a terrifying look, or would be to most people.

Turning to look ahead once more she brushed his words away from her mind with a sigh. ---"Come on, we want to get to that forest as soon as possible. Though I don't think it'll be before dark now."--- She glanced at the sky, and then retreated into herself. She was finished talking. Katarina could come back out now, before she really did decide to kill the man for being so understandingly sensitive all the time.

With the switch of Katarina back to the front, the predator seemed to shrink a little. She was much more relaxed in the way she walked, and she didn't glare around her.

"Quite a story, huh?" She glanced over at Collin,
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