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Collin was surprised when she told him of it. Her master was a Purest then. Matrons usually like the experimental part. I suppose she was simply used for whatever purpose they had in mind or was going to be used, but jealousy is strong in many people there...

What else could you have done other than kill him? Pursecution is common enough amongst the Underdark. I don't fear you, but I understand where you've come from. I have no desire to see any harm fall upon you. I shall help protect you if I am able. He breathed in softly and continued walking. The drow figured that if he just kept a relatively neutral voice and kept walking that she would become more at ease. It was true that he wasn't scared of her, even in this state. She might be two people, but for some reason, he trusted both of them. They would protect him from themselves. Katarina would protect him from Rogue's wishes to kill him and be done with it and Rogue would protect him from Katarina's interests in breeding... as breeding still seemed more scary than death by blade. So the balance was established and he could be at ease.

I am a male drow. I am either feared or loathed depending upon where I end up. I would wish to be well liked instead with many people who would wish to be my friends. I have one so far, so that is a start. Lady, would you like to be embraced? Your tale would have been most harsh on anyone an if you need comforting, let me know as I am here... for you too, if you should have need of me. Probably the wrong thing to say, but... it's truth and the truth must be spoken.
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