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-See? He understands. Better than anyone else anyway! Tell him, or I'll tell him later.- Kat's mental voice was serious, and Rogue knew. She might as well tell him. She would remember it better than Katarina. She always had remembered the incident clearer. It was after all, when she had first met Kat.

She ignored his last question, starting to speak in the same voice as before, though the anger and hurt that laced her words were old, not so hot as the new emotions, and mixed in with despair and hopelessness. ---"It was the day before I finally got out of that accursed city. I went to the training room, as I usually did. Supposedly it was the last day that I would be training there. The master was late...which was unusual, but he acted as if nothing was wrong, so I paid no attention to it. We were sparring with live steel that day. Me with my swords, him with his scimitar and dagger. The 'battle' started normally. But then he started pushing me faster and harder, chasing me around the room. He had finally gotten past my guard and paused for a moment, saying that I was an abomination and he was doing a favor to everyone by getting rid of me. His sword came across towards my head, and I didn't get back far enough in time. I killed him, but one of my eyes was useless with the eyelid swollen shut over it, and my face cut open from temple to jaw."--- She didn't go into detail about how Katarina had been helpless, until she suddenly felt like an animal had exploded inside of her and had brutally killed not only her weapons master but her half sister and her mother as well before leaving.

She fell silent, tracing her scar once more, staring moodily at the ground. ---"No one understands just what I've gone through, just what I put up with before I reached the surface. No one needs to know either. It's not like they're cursed with being a halfbreed. No, they're all excepted by one race or the other. They all just fear me."--- She muttered, loud enough to hear, but obviously it wasn't part of the original story. It felt good to say it all out loud. But she still didn't know how Collin would react. Surely he would freak out now, knowing what she was capable of.
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