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She was angry again which, Collin supposed, he shouldn't have been surprised of. She was always angry, it seemed, until she let her guard down. She had only done that a few times while they had been together which was quite a few times considering how long the two... three?... of them had been traveling together.

It seems it hurts you just as much as it hurts her. It might do you some good to share the burden with another person. I will drop it, but just know, should the time come, I'm here. I'll listen to your story with no judgement. I lived in the Underdark too. It is a cruel, wicked place. I should only be happy that I was able to escape and meet you... both of you.

It was easy enough to read that one of the two, if not the both, still probably dreamed about the incident that caused the scar and thought about it regularly, like having a gaping wound without a bandage. All people had them it was just a matter of soothing the hurt, lightening the load, sharing the pain.

What would you like to talk about instead then?
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