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He reminded her of why she didn't tell anyone anything. Not on purpose probably, but he did so nonetheless. And Rogue closed up, tighter than a clam. Her fists clenched next to her sword-hilts, but she reassured herself that he was only with her until the next city. --It's just until we're at the city. Then I'll get him some boots, and those shackles off his ankles at least and then we go separate ways.-- And then...

What happened?

Her body tensed even more. --No. Can't tell, he'll just use it all against me, us...-- -Rogue, you're being ridiculous.- Katarina sighed. --No, I'm being smart. I never should have let him stick around in the first place.--

Rogue bit her lip, tracing her scar once more. ---"It doesn't matter anymore. It's done, past, and over with. I got past the incident years ago."--- Her denial was plain in her voice, and the coldness issuing from her was easy to feel. Katarina didn't feel the same, and she fought to get out, taking some of Rogues concentration from hiding any signs of untruthfulness, and leaving a hint of it in her voice, posture and eyes. She wasn't over the issue, and never had been. Even after over sixty years, it haunted her non-stop.
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