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He was first struck with confusion. She really didn't give him much of an idea as to why other than it was an issue of broken trust. Obviously, as Collin saw it, the first time Rogue appeared was on the day that she received that scar on her face. Though it would be nice if I could actually understand her instead of just do guess-work which is only half hypothesis anyway. And she doesn't like it when I start talking about her as if she's a figment of Katarina's mind. She's a definite splinter brought on my some psychological hurt that she received. So now she has an angry wall built right in that is constantly telling her what to do in order to avoid receiving another hurt based off of these trust issues once again. So in essence, Katarina is afraid and Rogue strikes out at those who come too near in order to protect the self. It makes sense when you think about it though there should be a way to facilitate reconciliation.

He remained quiet while he kept thinking. The drow didn't want to upset the woman too much too soon and so allowed the time so she could settle down once again before he followed up with his line of questioning as he felt that it was important.

What happened? His voice was toned in a way of concern and sympathy as he tried to delve further in to the mystery that was Katarina/Lady Rogue. Surely, somewhere deep inside, was a story that was never shared, a burden that was never lifted or split, and a tale that she wanted to tell, but never had anyone to tell it to that would even care. Surely she knows that I'm her friend by now...
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