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Tomick slid from Sunhigh, calming the stallion by patting his neck, and following after Whisper, keeping a sharp eye out, as well as one on his horse. Brian slid roughly from Lucky's back, nodding his thanks to Exelder, and then following the others, leading Lucky nervously. The warhorse tossed his head a little and pranced but calmed easily enough. The calmer the horse was, the easier it was for the young man to calm himself down.

As they came into the clearing, both Sunhigh and Lucky raised their heads, flaring nostrils as they took in the scents from around them. As Whisper began to go inside, and Exelder cautioned her, Tomick was already dropping the reins to 'tie' Sunhigh to the ground, and following.

Stepping inside, he covered his nose, wrinkling it in disgust. It was one thing to be covered in blood, fresh from battle. But this... congealed smell, thick in the air... The girl hadn't even opened the windows to light the area, let alone let the smell out. Was she trying to preserve the corpses in their own blood? He scanned over them, his disturbed feelings seen only by the bare frown of his eyebrows, the pursing of his lips. He scanned over the entire house, looking for any chance of an ambush. He would let Whisper to the talking.

Brian finally figured out Exelder's instructions, securely tying Lucky. At the same time, he wondered if his horse had the same training as Sunhigh did, and would stand firm with his reins hanging from his bridle to the ground.
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