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Brian looked at the Tulius with an expression of confusion. This man was a paladin, yet he was treating him, an initiate, as not just a student, but as almost a peer, it felt. But despite that, the boy calmed, loosening his grip on the reins once more, forcing himself to relax and sit easily on Lucky's back. It took him a few moments to realize that the horse moved easier when he was relaxed as well. He didn't have the plodding gait of an old plowhorse, but his steps evened and became smooth rather than jarring. For a large horse, there was quite a bit of grace packed into his frame.

Tomick kept watch, annoyed with the feeling of sweat and humidity dripping down his back, underneath his armor. He had just barely caught the woman running out, and was about to warn Whisper, but the foolish woman ran right under Wraith's nose. Sunhigh, startled by Wraith's scream reared up himself, hooves pounding into the dirt as he used the excuse to fight his rider. Tomick had to force the horse into a constant circle for a moment, dragging his head down and to the right to make his horse move out his nervousness.

Lucky, more placid, simply shied, settling back on his heels, but never actually rearing. The change was enough for Brian to be unbalanced though, and he clung desperately to the bi-colored mane. Taking his cue from Exelder's mare, the old warhorse settled swiftly, leaving Brian clinging to him, body tense once more.

Tomick finally calmed Sunhigh enough to stop him from turning, and looked to Whisper. "Do we follow or continue on" A slight amount of worry was in his eyes.
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