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Tomick was startled into laughter by the ridiculousness of Exelder's joking. He had not expected the man to go that far. Whisper's reaction made his chuckles continue, though he steered Sunhigh carefully out of her arm's reach, just in case. But as she left teaching Brian to Exelder, he rode up alongside her once more, smirking whenever his eyes fell upon her, but keeping a wary eye around them.

Brian, somewhat nervous of the large animal he was riding, which was easily half again as large as the horse he had ridden to the western stronghold, had to take a deep breath in order to relax. After he did so, his body moved slightly better with Lucky's movements, and he had to take another deep breath in order to let go of the reins a little. The piebald's head dropped into a relaxed stretch for a moment before he shook out his mane. The young man tensed a little, promptly losing the balance he had managed to achieve, and Lucky tossed his head irately.

The initiate looked over to Exelder. "I hardly know how I made it over here as quickly as I did, Sir. I never was the best with horses."
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