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Exelder was pleased to note that Whisper wasn't saying anything yet and felt like goading the younger woman. So they tell it, Brian. In some reports, the shrine was burning at the time so he simply fried it up on the tip of his sword and ate it with a side of beans so it would go down easier as well as come out faster. Cannibalism is rough on the digestive tract. It was hard for him to hold in his own laughter as such an absurd rumor, but Whisper's reaction made him chuckle.

The woman practically choked, her shoulders locking momentarily before she turned and focused her fierce glare on the Tulius. Exelder! He did not eat a heart with a side of beans! That's a damn, awful lie and you know it!

Exelder laughed deep in his belly as Whisper reined in Wraith to let the rest of them catch up. I jest! I jest! He took a moment to wipe the tears of mirth from his eyes before he sighed. It's not as if any of us was there and know what really happened. Your mother and father went down into the Shrine and they came up bloodied, your mother in his arms with a silver lock of hair on her brow that wasn't there before. Those that went down afterwards reported that the altar belonged to Leosine and the bodies that lay broken around it looked like they had been mutilated, one man's chest scored open, his heart removed and only part of it remaining on the floor with toothmarks in it. He paused and then began to speak around the chuckles coming out from his stomach again. Who knows? There might have been beans too. He snorted and started to laugh again.

Whisper rolled her eyes, her nose scrunching in her face over her displeasure. If I had something that I wouldn't mind losing, I would throw something at you. Her dark mutter only made Exelder laugh all the harder. So she sighed and rolled her eyes again. There were no beans... Wraith nudged into Clout lightly causing Exelder's horse to protest with a whinny and Exelder's laughter cease as he tried to keep his horse stable.

Fine, no beans. He had decided to concede, still grinning more or less unrepentently. So... who will be teaching our young friend here how to sit his horse more properly? Sir Tomick, Sir Whisper?

Why not you, Sir Exelder? It might be just punishment for you when telling a tale incorrectly. Beans... seriously. Whisper shook her head, her dark, straight hair flopping around her face with the motion of it.

As you will, Whisper. You are in charge of this journey. I'm just coming along. He sighed softly before smiling at the young messenger. Brian, a horse is not a wooden fence. Loosen your body, feel the rhythm of the horse, and move with it. Balance your seat more evenly and keep your toes up in the stirrups. Let your horse have a bit more of his head as he'll know to follow Wraith and Sunhigh. The older man's voice was smooth, not scolding, to direct without chastising over inexperience. It was obvious that Exelder knew how to teach others. He wouldn't yell at Brian for ignorance and was a patient teacher with an easy smile, just like his late father.

Whisper smiled to herself as she nudged Wraith ahead again, the warhorse's tail flicking almost restlessly as if he was ready to simply charge down the road. Well, Exelder can take orders. It might not be a bad journey after all.
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