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Brian's eyes widened with awe, and Tomick smiled, glancing at Whisper and the way she didn't acknowledge, but could not deny her actions. The paladin dropped back a step but didn't fully join Exelder and Brian. His voice was loud enough to carry back to them, and slightly mischievous. "The only thing she skipped was eating the heart of the man who dared to not be aligned with God." He kept a wary eye out, ready to duck if she cared to strike at him for possibly causing trouble.

The young initiate's eyes widened further. "The Mad Lion actually ate the heart of his enemy when he sanctified the Shrine?!" He rocked back in his saddle, making Lucky paw at the ground as he stepped. "Wow..." He wasn't sure whether to be in awe or to puke to one side of his horse.

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