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Shad's eyes cracked open as he heard Echo reenter the tent. Without hesitation, the half elf opened his arms for her to come to him. Come here, darling. He could see it in her face that she was both exhausted and heartsore from her sister's leavetaking. I wonder if they've ever been apart from each other for long. His hazel eyes felt dry despite the lingering cool in the air left over from the evening now that morning had begun to take up its place.


Rhondo was up early. His steps carried him determinedly towards the Keep. Nothing would keep him out. His guard's disguise was held about him like a thick cloak, inpenetrable by anyone who didn't have Shad's unique talents or a magic sensing ability without direct contact. He couldn't keep the smile off his face. He had learned so much the previous night about the nobles that were present that he could probably imitate several without too much trouble unless the conversations got into depths of politics that he didn't understand. Of course, his voice could not alter itself and that would take come time. Time and knowledge always seemed to get away from him. But I will succeed!
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