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Whisper led the way for the party, setting a brisk pace that would get them on their way yet not push the horses. Her mind was elsewhere already, lost in memories and responsibilities. It had been so hard to ride away from her father and sister. The two of them standing side by side, her father's arm around her sister, was the last sight that she had of them, a single glance as she turned Wraith's head before they left. Even now, the weight of her father's ring on her left thumb was a reminder. Father... I can only hope that I am worthy of being your daughter, that I carry the pride you have in me, that the stories that this ring is a witness to only honor you. She exhaled, settling into the role she must assume, that of a leader once again, trying to push aside the guilt of leaving her sister behind.

With Tomick as her second, she knew his eyes already scanned the road and the trees that lined either side. He was taking care of her as he always seemed to since they had come together once again. It seemed strange how things had come about. They would go meet the Mane together. A part of her desperately worried about how she should present herself before such a great person of their Order while the other part worried that she would be sorely disappointed. Brian's lack of knowledge of how to present himself before an altar, the assertion that there must be incense... What if I am too different...? The thudding of Wraith's hooves into the soft dirt jarred her back into the present. Leave those worries for tomorrow. Just lead the rest of them today.

Exelder smiled at the youngster, shaking his head. I'll only be here until we reach Randatria. Sir Lorelei has given the Randatrian Stronghold to me for the time being. He believes that I have the necessary qualities to be an asset to them, to teach and guide and establish a foothold into the Randatrian Court. I may have my doubts, but I am willing to give it my best efforts. From what I've been told, those that remain there are devout and I should find many with no shred of doubt of Leosine in their hearts. Of course, from what I've heard, that's all thanks to Sir Whisper there.

The dark haired woman glanced back at the older man at the sound of her name, her pale blue eyes curious as to what they were talking about suddenly. I heard that she purified their altar with blood, sanctifying the entire stronghold, and stirred the Breath of God within the room with her words alone. Whisper flushed red and looked forward again, not wanting to add anything but also not being able to deny anything either. Exelder grinned, amused that the large woman wouldn't respond, only serving to communicate that it was the truth. Just like her father. Shayne has never told the story of the Victory Shrine, but he doesn't deny anything either. Like father, like daughter. I've never seen a family so strong in their faith. The Kels are obsessive in their worship, but their faith doesn't come even close to the level of the Loreleis. Even my own family... Heh. Some are cut from different cloth. The older paladin wondered if Sir Tomick would add anything or not. As Whisper's shield, Exelder almost expected it.
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